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PostSubject: Guidelines   Guidelines EmptyThu Apr 18, 2013 5:22 pm


The fact that you're here means you actually care about following the site rules, I commend you for that streak of common sense. Now then, onto the rules!

I would like to keep swearing to a minimum here, not because we're all too immature to handle it here, but people using it to argue frankly gets annoying. So you may use swearing in moderation, but not excessively, we have Samuel L. Jackson for that.

Please no advertising on our site, maybe sometime in the future we'll allow it, but for now it'd make our traffic suffer too much.

Signatures must be a reasonable size, if you have a bunch of images, put some of them in a spoiler, it's for those who have slow internet.

You may only bump your topic once every 24 hours.

Keep things PG-13 on the boards, if you want to RP on a level above that, please take it to PM's, I couldn't care less how you RP in PM's.

Also, the other generic rule stuff, no spamming, no trolling, no flaming. Yada, Yada.

For reading this, you get a cookie. *Throws cookie at your face*
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