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Touhou Newcomer

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PostSubject: Touhoustuck!   Touhoustuck! EmptyMon Jun 10, 2013 12:53 am

Well today it was Sunday on my Tumblr RP blog for Yukarin. In the Tumblr RP blog world,Sunday is called Sexual Sunday for excatly what the title says: Sexual stuff of your rp character/muse,NSFW RPs and photos,etc.

Well I didn't feel participating in it this sunday or any other sunday since I'm a lazy person so I changed to Sollux Sunday or So let's talk about Homestuck Sunday with the phrase "Forget the sex. Do the Hussie instead"

Touhoustuck! Tumblr_inline_mifdweDX1d1qz4rgp

Anyway since my muse is Yukari, I sorta drew her in Homestuck form using some of the panels as refs. I'll put the intro and captions I had with the photos. Also these photos are technically W.I.Ps for me since I didn't color them yet and I need to fix some ink lines.

Touhoustuck! Tumblr_mo5lt1tTg61s5zr3ko1_500

Introducing 13 year old Yukari Yakumo! Ready for a game of Sburb!

Touhoustuck! Tumblr_mo5lt1tTg61s5zr3ko2_500


Touhoustuck! Tumblr_mo5lt1tTg61s5zr3ko3_500

I think Yuuka got mad and killed Yukari :0

Touhoustuck! Tumblr_mo5lt1tTg61s5zr3ko4_500

You have now reached God Tier!

And the intro went as such
Your name is YUKARI YAKUMO and you are a very weird but strong youkai. Your age is 1200 years of age but you could be quite older even though you have the body of a human teenager.
You have a variety of interests such as math and technology,fancy clothing,joyous events,sleeping,going to the Outside World, and messing with Reimu when you're bored. In fact you stole some of her tea for your benefit earlier on.

You're considered a very talkativeand whimsical person but you are mostly disliked due to your lying and fickleness. You also act very mysteriousand quite intelligent for a being like yourself; A very weird youkai indeed.
Despite being a very weird person, people tend to fear and respect you. So far anyone who done otherwise has met your umbrellakind or danmakukind specibus.
You're currently in your home typing on your new computer from an Outside World company called DELL and you have received an package only with the words SBURB and a picture of a green house on it.

Your chumhandle is SleepyGappy and your typing is quite extravagant and elegant for a girl like yourself though you do seem to capitalize the first three words in each sentence.
Not to mention whenever you speak a "horrid" word or quite angry, you tend to yell out in all caps.

Yukari's God Tier is Witch of Light. Ugh the intro was a bit hard but picking a god tier was the worst since she fitted multiple classes and aspects ;A;

But anyway this brings me to my second thing: Since I had so much fun drawing Yukari like this, I'm thinking about doing some more Touhou characters in Homestuck and then making a story of it with all the characters chosen in it.

So far the list goes like this
Beta Kids
  • Yukari (since I drew her like a kid and I'm too lazy to make her a troll)
  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Empty

Alpha Kids
  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Empty
  • Empty

(Technically I'll only do the current trolls or the post-scratch trolls so that's 12 empty spots!)

Also you don't need to be in Homestuck to suggest a Touhou character. Just tell me a name of a character and I'll do the rest! If you want to help though,I'll be sure to give out the link to the MSPAwiki to answer all your questions that I can't answer o3o
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